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We provide creation of virtual tours and galleries in the form of augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), or stereoscopic videos (3D TV). After scanning the objects, we optimize 3D models for smooth display on our or our client devices. Such virtual tours can be used for presentation of rare items that the public has limited access to or for furnishing interiors. For example, they can also be used by real estate agencies for presentation of interiors in cases where the client may not actually be able to visit the premises allowing him to save time. Agencies can also present various solutions to of interiors to clients without the need of construction.

The procedure of solution drafting


Meeting for a coffee in our office. Together we will define the objective of the project.


We will set up a schedule of tasks, and choose the best possible technology for your project.


We will proceed with scanning of an object in question using appropriate technology.


We will develop a 3D model and calculate required data for your project.


We deliver the final project to a client in a specified format.

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