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SCANSTUDIO s.r.o. deals with development of methods for creation of 3D models using photogrammetric scanning. Using cutting edge technology and techniques, we provide a broad range of services and have flexible team with background in digital reality manipulation. We create 3D models ranging from microscopic objects to territorial units.

Our approach is suitable for utilization in the fields of geodesy and cartography, architecture, archeology, biology, construction, reverse engineering, design, film and gaming industry, agriculture, computer-controlled production (CNC, 3D printing) and many more.

The essence of our approach to every task is maximum of creativity and innovation even in the case of the most demanding tasks.

We believe that once you get to know the originality of our approaches and products you will become our satisfied customers.

We are here for you!

Did our experience and unique solutions catch your attention? Do not hesitate to get in touch with us, and become one of our satisfied clients.